Haven Hills

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Haven Hills


A Barony, located in Marseilles, IL.


Haven Hills was founded by Chaka Shadowpaw and two others in the spring of 2018. What started as a minor freehold trying to gain their bearings, spiraled into a diplomatic welcoming into the kingdom of Polaris at Dungeon Day 2019. Though the time in Polaris was short, we were later cordially invited to join the growing principality of 13 Roads. Not long after joining the principality, Haven Hills was recognized for their dedication and growing strength and awarded the title of Barony in the summer of 2022.


Alicia, Apex, Artho of Haven Hills, Blackfire, Chaka Shadowpaw, Lord Crimson Wolfstar, Delafae, Ember, Grimm Wartooth, Halo, Kuma the Sage, Little Bear, Mae Mae, Moo Moo, Ratsass Shadowpaw, Rayloth of Riverwood, Master Steff of Haven Hills, Tandare, Tear Wolfstar, Treerat, Xeaa, Ylva Shadowpaw,


Contacts and Directions

Fighter practice is held on Sundays at 1pm at Illini State Park- 2660 e. 2350th Rd, Marseilles, IL 61341, USA

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