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Once was the eastern Principality of the Empire of the Iron Mountains




The Rosetta Pact was founded in May 2005 by the Duchy of Querna Tema which along with the (then) Shire of Olympus. Within a relatively short time the principality spread across the midwest, encompassing the parks in east Nebraska and sprawling to northern Illinois, up to southwest Wisconsin and as far north as Minnesota.

Following irregularities in the April 2007 Prime Minister election necessitating intervention by the Iron Mountains leadership in the form of an Audit, debate began as to the future of the principality. It was decided that the Principality of the Rosetta Pact had grown too big to be manageable at a Principality status. The Principality populace voted on October 27, 2007 to split and the results were quite resolute.

Following it's demise, the Rosetta pact was succeeded by Principality of Rivermoor and the Principality of Olympus in March and April of 2008 respectively.


There were seven parks in all at the time of the dissolution. The largest park in the principality at it's dissolution were the Duchy of Querna Tema which along with the Duchy of Olympus, the original parks when the Principality formed. Other parks which were also part of the Rosetta Pact at this time were North Haven, Ivory Tower, Gehenna Plains, Starmount and Mists of the Dawn. In addition the Freeholds of Crimson Circle and Mithril Forest were petitioning to join the principality.


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