Phoenix Summit

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Amtgard Chapter
Phoenix Summit
The Kingdom of Polaris
Status Shire
City Menomonie, Wisconsin
Park Wakanda Park
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Founded 2009
Active Yes

A Shire of Polaris, located in Menomonie, WI


Founded as Ice Haven in May 2009 by Ketsif Tisarin and Kalista Tisarin. Eventually, the chapter gained members from old friends such as Vincent Beche as well as from advertisement, walk-ups, and other standard Amtgard recruitment tactics. Whilst the chapter had relatively high numbers for years, in late 2011 the group experienced a population implosion. In early November of 2012 it was placed under the principality of Polaris. In early 2014 Ice Haven's numbers started climbing after a successful Dungeon Day event. In the summer of 2015 Valduthain Thunderfury recruited Concordia Tul who proceeded to bring a large group into the park. In August of 2016 the Principality of Polaris became the Kingdom of Polaris.

Since then, many members have come and gone, to see a more comprehensive listing look at the People section. In September of 2016, the park was raised to Barony level.

By 2023 the chapter fell to be Defunct, but by autumn it rose again as Phoenix Summit. The chapter regularly saw attendance in July of 2023, and has continued gathering new members since then.


Valduthain the Clanless
Balder Highwind
Nettle (Polaris)
Diabla La Roja


Monarch: Bhikku
Regent: Balder Highwind
Prime Minister: Nettle (Polaris)
Champion: Aggro

Contacts and Directions

Meets at Wakanda Park in Menomonie Thursday evenings around five on good weather days, and locations vary when in winter or on bad weather days. Please consult our O.R.K. for further directions.

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