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The Minnesota Amtgard May Event

The Minnesota Amtgard May Event is an annual camping event hosted by Polaris usually held Memorial Day weekend at McGowan Farm.


The Minnesota Amtgard May Event has its roots in a Starmount hosted event held in 2010. The Great Amtgard May Event, or G.A.M.E., was intended as one shot event held from May 14th though 17th 2010. The Event was Hosted by Starmount and Autocrated Sir Raphael with the aid of his friends and beltline. In 2012 The Sequel occurred, again spearheaded by Sir Raphael. The Sequel saw attendance double from that seen at G.A.M.E. drawing players from least 8 states with three kingdoms and nearly every chapter within a 400 mile radius represented. In 2014 the Minnesota Amtgard May Event was established an annual event for the Principality of Polaris, and once more Sir Raphael auto-crated. The event was a great success with attendance in excess of 100 once again and several battlegames for Gathering of the Clans XXXII, which Archon would War-o-Crat later that year, play-tested successfully.

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