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The Sapphire Empire of Rivermoor, spread across the central and northern great plains.


The Sapphire Empire of Rivermoor

Rivermoor is located in the middle and northern parts of the Midwest with members spread across Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Montana, Missouri, and Manitoba. Rivermoor is the largest kingdom geographically, spanning approximately 950 miles north-south and east-west.


Part 1: The Era of Companies

Founded after the break up of the Rosetta Pact in March 2008 to include the western provinces of the once gargantuan super-principality, primarily encompassing Querna Tema, Ivory Tower and Gehenna Plains. A period of stagnation followed, where the individual parks were healthy and growing, but with very limited geography, expansion was difficult. Isolation was overcome, at least in major part, by a series of massively successful Summer Trials; a fighting company based event containing both traditional Amtgard (militia battles, jugging, gauntlet, etc.) and unique challenges (Iron chef, archery competitions, scavenger hunts, etc). Summer Trials became a regional draw for the Principality, often receiving visitors from the growing freeholds to the north and south, the neighboring Principality of Olympus, and Iron Mountains Core, and were a boon to the local fighting companies which burgeoned and trained to take the yearly cup.

  • Note 2: Centerpoint was brought into the principality under IM in late 2008.
Current Rivermoor Heraldry: Azure, between Flaunches in pale three Coronets Argent
Rivermoor Monarch Heraldry: Azure, between Flaunches in pale three Coronets Argent

Part 2: The Era of Three Crowns

Rivermoor was growing internally and freeholds wanted to join the principality, however Iron Mountains was not particularly interested in agglomerating another portion of unmanageable geography like the Rosetta Pact (Land's End is 500 miles away from Querna Tema), so, under the blessing of Emperor Hannibal, Rivermoor was given governance to sponsor and uptake parks at their will. Land's End quickly jumped on board in 2011, Wyldewind Bridge and Wildgard in 2014, and with particularly strong growth from Ivory Tower (in part due to the charisma of the new Jackal Company), the time had finally come to push for kingdom which happened At Clan XXXIII, becoming the 20th group to do so.

Achieving kingdom status changed a lot for Rivermoor. Instead of the near decade-long focus towards internal growth in the core parks, there were now many tasks to accomplish. New freeholds were established and incorporated at Silver Riders, Armored Plains, Crimson Plains and Roaring Hills. Centerpoint became a massive Duchy in the south and Land's End swelled in the North. Our system of limited Floating Crown to the core parks was effectively rebuked by declaring all parks core parks in 2017 with a campaign for One Rivermoor. Known World War started as an interkingdom event between Rivermoor, Tal Dagore and Emerald Hills which became somewhat of a replacement for Summer Trials following many of its tried-and-true formulas. Adari Vaal Keep switched from Tal Dagore to Rivermoor after Known World War 2.

Summer Trials and the great fighting companies of old Rivermoor are a shadow of their former glory but continue to smolder and Rivermoor still burns brightly. Rivermoor is constantly striving to settle the Amt-void, being the forefront of cultural progression and providing high-quality Amtgard to the region.

  • Note: This is named the Era of the Three Crowns in reference the heraldry. In the beginning they meant the 3 original core parks; Ivory Tower, Querna Tema and Gehenna Plains, but later could be interpreted as 'your park, your principality and the Empire (of the Iron Mountains)', 'your park, the kingdom, and all Amtgardia', or currently the three regions; the North, the Middle and the South. Be it prophetic or serendipity, the three crowns have always held inspirational meaning in some form.

Kingdom status awarded July 25th, 2015 at Clan.
Kingdom of Rivermoor.png

(Image of the signed scroll officially granting Kingdom status.)

Major Events

  • Thrones is the Kingdom's Spring Coronation Event.


Current Officers

As of winter reign 2023-2024.

Reign XVII: Sith vs. Jedi


For a history of Rivermoor's leadership, see Rivermoor monarchy.

People of Rivermoor

Ecastle battle zpsb1526c6a.jpg
Castle battle at Curse of the Great Pumpkin, 2014 (Attendance 114) photobucket.com-naturalplastics

Summer trials 2014.jpg
Group shot at Summer Trials XII, August 2014 (Attendance 159) photobucket.com-naturalplastics

Summer coronat-May 2014.jpg
Populace sporting Rivermoor Heraldry at summer coronation, May, 2014 (Attendance 101) photobucket.com-naturalplastics

SummerTrials 2013.jpg
Group photo taken at Summer Trials XI, August 24th, 2013. Photo by Ayla Helstaven
photobucket.com - jehendon


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