Northern Fields

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Northern Fields, Duchy of the Empire of Rivermoor

Northern Fields
Norhtern Fields Heraldry.png
Empire Rivermoor.jpg Rivermoor
Status Active
City Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)
Park Coronation Park
Meets on Sunday, 12-4pm
Founded 2012

Northern Fields is the Amtgard chapter located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

"Just like their mundane country, Wildgard was very big - just ask Youtube." -Kite

Northern Fields is home to members of a number of households and fighting companies, including Wayfinders, Einherjar, Wings of the Dawn, and House Haardrad.

Together with World's End, Northern Fields hosts the event Battle Beyond the Border.


Founded as Wildgard by Zume Frostpaw and Sylver Snowlynx in 2012, and first met with all of 5 people on March 18 of 2012. Zume had been in Amtgard since 2006, playing in Nevada, Tennessee and Minnesota. Sylver was introduced to Amtgard in 2010 in Minnesota. Both were impressed with the Amtgard system, and in 2011 they decided that Winnipeg was ripe for a LARPing group of Amtgard's calibre. They spent 6 months building up an armoury of park weapons, scouting locations and making contacts to try and spread the word. After Wildgard got rolling, others were vitally important to helping the group establish itself and grow; From there, the group just grew and grew!

A few names were considered for the park in the beginning, originally it was going to be called Wild Spirits to honour both the fact that Winnipeg is at the doorstep of pure wilderness and that Winnipeg was the central meeting place of three aboriginal tribes: Anishinabe (Ojibway), Cree, and Lakota (Sioux) and that 'Manito' of Manitoba, or rather more correctly 'Manitou' means Spirit in both Cree and Ojibway. The name Wildgard was decided upon to represent a realm shared equally by humans and wild animals.

The winter of 2013 into 2014 brought difficulty to Wildgard in the form of the coldest winter the city of Winnipeg experienced on record, including a couple of days of being colder than the planet of Mars. This was followed by a late spring.

On May 17 2014, at Spring Trials in Querna Tema of the Principality of Rivermoor, Prince Tsani welcomed the Shire of Wildgard to the Principality of Rivermoor.

Wildgard then experienced a wet early to mid-summer, and from August onward the weather favoured Wildgard once more, and normal high numbers were seen again into 2015.

On October 17 2015 at Curse of the Great Pumpkin, Queen Jocelyn elevated Wildgard to Barony.

In the fall of 2019, by a majority vote, Wildgard was renamed to Northern Fields.

Elevated to Duchy in October 2022 by Emperor Lauxus Stormtide.

Attendance numbers has been in flux since 2020, and remains active as of 2023.


Group photo, June 30 2013. Group photo, September 7 2014. Capture the Flag, February 8 2015. Group photo, June 28 2015. By Ted Sali.Group photo Summer 2019.


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During the warmer months, Northern Fields typically met in Coronation Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba on most Sundays from 12-4pm. Otherwise, in winter they met at Valour Community Club from 3-6pm, however, they were known to start outdoors at Valour Community Club as early as 1pm in spite of the cold.


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