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A Shire of the Kingdom of Rivermoor, located in Sioux City, IA.

Rivermoor Heraldry: Azure, between Blaunches in pale three Coronets Argent




Originally founded as Gehenna Plains by Shin and Taraka. In the fall of 2004, after seeing a demo put on by Querna Tema at a gaming convention, Shin was dedicated to starting a group in Sioux City. For the next several weeks Gehenna Plains existed only in Taraka's back yard and a handful of other places as they struggled to find like minded people to join up. After gathering a handful of players they semi-officially moved to Ravine Park. Around that same time, a player from QT by the name of Hitorimono moved here and was employed at a video game store. After working together for a while one of his coworkers, Zael, approached him about his joining a game called Amtgard. The two separate groups merged immediately and Gehenna Plains continue to grow eventually becoming a barony. The name Gehenna Plains was decided, ; Gehenna is the term for Hell in Jewish lore. Instead of being a spiritual realm, it is a physical city on Earth known for swelteringly hot summers, bitterly cold winters, foul tempered people everywhere and a putrid inescapable stench permeating throughout. It was concluded that if that didn't describe Sioux City to a tee, nothing did.

In 2021 the chapter self demoted to shire and changed the name to Lost Hills.



Prime Minister

Fighting Class Guildmasters

Contacts and Directions

We meet at Riverside Park by the yellow building.
Sioux City, Iowa. Sundays at 1:30 PM.

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