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A Company based in the Empire of the Iron Mountains


The Free Company was created by Oderic of Normandy and Angus "Stronghand" Campbell of the Duchy of Querna Tema. Currently, "Free Co." is made up of 1st Battalion (based out of Querna Tema) and 2nd Battalion (based out of Olympus). After Querna Tema's first Autumn Trials event, three players from Olympus petitioned to join. Ora, Skrag, and Weezicus were granted their Oathbrother status at Summer Trials II, and formed 2nd Battalion. You can distinguish the different battalions by the trim of their tabards. No trim indicates 1st Batt, and a black trim indicates 2nd Batt.

Currently Free Company Hold the Summer Cup for Winning Summer Trials

What we're about

The Company is dedicated to being a brotherhood. We treat each other as if we were real brothers. We revel together, we fight together, and we die together.




  • Kenyan - Sergeant 1st Battalion Blade
  • Ora - Sergeant 2nd Battalion Blade

  • Altessa - Oathbrother 2nd Battalion Blade
  • Bromos - Oathbrother/Records master/Jester 2nd Battalion Blade/KEG
  • Charzar - Oathbrother 1st Battalion Blade
  • Darvin - Oathbrother 1st Battalion Spell
  • Gabriella - Oathbrother 1st Battalion Spell
  • Graegos - Oathbrother 1st Battalion Bow
  • Goose - Oathbrother 1st Battalion Bow
  • Hazel - Oathbrother 2nd Battalion Blade
  • Jensen - Oathbrother 1st Battalion Blade
  • Joseph Powell - Oathbrother 2nd Battalion Blade
  • Judas McConnahay - Oathbrother 1st Battalion Bow
  • Kegan - Oathbrother 2nd Battalion Blade
  • Maggie - Oathbrother/Bard
  • Malachai - Oathbrother 1st Battalion Blade
  • Nattie - Oathbrother 2nd Battalion Spell
  • Owen - Oathbrother 2nd Battalion Spell
  • Rieshka - Oathbrother 2nd Battalion Spell
  • Rigel Stormwarden - Oathbrother 2nd Battalion Spell
  • Tselina McConnahay - Oathbrother 2nd Battalion Spell

Battalion Photos


Former Free Co

Former Free Co

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