River Stormtide

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Woman at Arms River The Doctor Stormtide, of Centerpoint, Empire of Rivermoor

”Go ask Fionna”
”I like Amtgard politics; I get to use my Criminal Justice degree!”

Apparently photos of River Stormtide in garb are about as common as unicorns...


Started playing in January 2017, and has quickly established herself as a VERY USEFUL PERSON TO HAVE AROUND. River is loud when needed and exceptionally capable when called upon. She will, no doubt, happily punch you in the face if you're being a dick. Great lady but half her park is secretly scared of her.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Instrumental to the success of Thunderdome 1, the Winter 2018 Rivermoor Dragonmaster with 120+ entries.
Captured some incredible live footage from KWW3 by standing inside a castle in the middle of combat.
Crafted over 11 macrame belts for the Fighting Company "Wings of the Dawn" even though she was brand new at crafting macrame belts.
Has achieve a Board of Directors seat as Treasurer for Rivermoor.

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