Curse of the Great Pumpkin

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Curse of the Great Pumpkin is a Rivermoor event historically run at Ufford Farm in Vermillion, South Dakota. The event was heavily organized by Gehenna Plains. The event has been an annual Rivermoor staple since 2008. The Ufford Farm site features a private, scenic site with camping, a castle, corn maze, and a pig roast.

The event was relinquished to Rivermoor in 2014 to be the fall coronation event, and has dabbled sites several times in recent years in part due to site maintenance issues and fluctuating costs.

Curse's theme is often horror-comedy and shenanigans that tends to heavily favor the 'bad guys' to counter the traditional attitude towards heroes winning, which has led to many memorable events.

I won a batman tournament once where my prize was I got to be one team's general, and had to do the objectives. The games were full class and my abilities were single sword, 3 batarang throwies and... 1 blink per life. That's right, batman has no super powers.

2018: Oktoberfest, Waubonsie state park, House Northchat

2017: Jackie Chan Adventures, Joy Hollow, Eternal Flame

2016: League of Legends, Wakonda Boy scouts camp, White Lotus

2015: Arkham Asylum, Ufford Farm, Devil's Own

2014: The Pale Prince and Doomsayer, Ufford Farm, Valorimar and Friends.

2013: Monsters, Ufford Farm, Clan Raion

2012: Peasants, Ufford Farm, Clan Macdougal?

2011: Borderlands, Ufford Farm, Gehenna Plains

2010: Army of Darkness, Ufford Farm, Kupe and friends.