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Juicy Kressh
Home Park Blackfire Pass
Kingdom Rising Winds
Year Started 2001
Noble Title Marquis
Belt Status Sir/Darth

Marquis Baron Baronet Battlemaster Warlord Sir, Darth, Ser, Syr Lord Master Juicy Kressh Esq., Defender of the Rising Winds, of the Duchy of Blackfire Pass.

”Amtgard is more than a hobby, it's dozens of hobbies all rolled up into one” - unknown
"Don't run your only going to die tired" -Me

Photo by: Quynn


Started playing in the now defunct Shire of Falconridge in Columbus, OH in May of 2001. Then spent a number of years in Blackfire Pass While it was in Marysville. Was active in the Valley of the Twin Rivers in Springfield, until the chapter closed in the summer of '07, and he returned to Blackfire Pass, now in Columbus.

It is said that it is a terrible offense to the gods of travel to take Juicy and Razor anywhere.

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Knightly Family

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Showing off his Master Rose

Playing the Bearded Lady for a Feast

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