Zombie - Kael Blackheart

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Zombie - Kael Blackheart
Home Park Black Hollow
Kingdom Tal Dagore
Year Started 2013
Noble Title ?
Belt Status MaA

Master Zombie, Kael Blackheart, of Black Hollow, Tal Dagore

”I got this!”



Zombie started in February 2013. In February 2014 Zombie became Monarch of Black Hollow. In January 2015 Zombie became Champion of Black Hollow. During Zombies reign as Champion, he started a tournament based on flurb, where people were graded on a scale of 1 -10. You gained points each week ] based on the amount of Flurb during park day. The points are based on everything Role Play, such as, Garb, Look the Part, Weapons, Role Play of your character and class, speech, and dying on the field. This is an attempt to help Black Hollow stand out in Tal Dagore, and on a smaller note to help with recruitment, in hopes that people watching will be interested enough to ask about what we are doing.

Zombie has no problem with talking to anyone about Amtgard, and on several occasions approached mundanes and invited them to come down and check out weapons, armor, and ask questions.

Companies & Households:

Knightly Family

Notable Accomplishments

Sheriff - Black Hollow February, 2014

Champion - Black Hollow January, 2015 - July 2015

Awarded title of Master - January, 2016 - by Queen Leeda Li of Tal Dagore

Baron - Black Hollow January 2016

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