Shadow Corvus

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Shadow Corvus
Home Park Blackfire Pass
Kingdom Rising Winds
Year Started 2002
Noble Title Baronet
Belt Status Sir

Baronet Sir Shadow Corvus Esquire, of the Duchy of Blackfire Pass in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds.

”And there you are.”


Shadow Corvus at the Barony of Blackfire Pass Winter 2010


Starting at the Barony of Falconridge DS, 0n May 11th, 2002 and through the transformation to the founding of the Freehold of the Valley of the Crimson Sun. Three years later taking up residence at Blackfire Pass RW. I look forward to continued service as a member of the Sol Invictus, Ragged Crows, Hojo Clan, Blackfire Pass, Rising Winds & Amtgard. Passed away December 23rd, 2015.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Proud Father of Ryshu Fyrekatt
  • Founding Member of the Ragged Crows
  • Hojo Clan: Sho Ichi-i Realm of No
  • Co-Founding Autocrat of the Tempest Tourney May 16, 2004
  • Conceived Produced & Autocrated the totally Zero cost event "A Murder Most Foul", August 2006.
  • The 323rd Knight of the Flame

Companies & Households:

Knightly Family




Master Rose - Given by King Kaadiart AnaMayn & Regent Orlando Ebasdotter Rising Winds, 18 September 2010

Additional Images:

Ragged%20Crow.jpg The Ragged Crows Heraldry:

[1] Shadow Corvus at the Barony of Blackfire Pass Winter 2010

[2] Shadow Corvus in Leather Surcoat at the Barony of Blackfire Pass May 2009

[3] Shadow Corvus & Sajish Nar-l "Dragon" Battle Cry 2 Receiving our Roses for Hell-Pig

[4] Shadow Corvus receiving his First Lion at Battlecry II for Service to VCS from Lord Pushnar.

[5] Shadow Corvus & Herjka Bouldernoggin at Onslaught II May 2006.

[6] Shadow Corvus in the Ragged Crows Nest cooking some Brausages for the Amt-Hungry.

[7] Shadow Corvus & Grumish going to Winter War VI.

[8] Shadow Corvus & Oz the Jackal at Battle Cry III.

[9] Shadow Corvus in the Baku Neko at War of Engoku ONE!

More Information:

  • Household Web Page: