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The Term Warmaster has many meanings;

Definition 1; n. The winner of the Champion's Tourney at Crown Quals, who may or may not be the new Kingdom Champion. (most common)

Definition 2; n. A position appointed by the Monarch , responsible for organizing the realm in times of war. In practical terms, they find an enemy for everyone to fight against.At events they are responsible for organizing the two sides, and setting the rules of engagement. This position is not used as much as it used to be.

Definition 3; n. A competition spanning over multiple fighting tournaments; the highest composite point total wins.

About the tourney

Warmaster is one of two tourneys held in a six month period, or reign. It is noted as a kingdom level tourney. This means that in most kingdoms it is one of the tourneys that you can win to help qualify you for your sword belt. It is almost always a very difficult thing to do, and there are very few who have ever held the honor.

Running a Warmaster tourney in most kingdoms falls to either the Champion or the Guildmaster of Reeves. For instance in the Celestial Kingdom it is the GMR's job, and in the Wetlands it is the Champion's. Many styles of tourneys are used for weapon master, unless it is outlined otherwise in the Corpora, as it is the Iron Mountains it is the officer running the event's choice. In the Emerald Hills Weaponmaster typically occurs on both Sunday and Saturday of a single weekend and is comprised of at least 10 events and sometimes as many as 20.

A Sample of Warmaster events
  • Single Short Sword
  • Short Sword and Medium Shield
  • Great Sword
  • Florentine Short Swords
  • Open Weapon
  • Two man teams