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Sho Nii Squire Chibasama Ryuichiro, Daimyo Hojo, Muncher of Belly Button Lint, of the Shire of The Hollow in the Kingdom of Northern Lights.

When asked why he was making duct tape sandles instead of getting his boots from his car ”Now that wouldn't be flurby enough would it?”

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Chiba began his Amt-career some time in the mid 90's as a silly little flurb by the name of Reece Truesight, a Scottish wizard. He thanks Bresil to this day for introducing him to the game. He was happy to just chuck fireballs and gank unwitting victims in various parks in central Texas until the Celestial Kingdom fractured into northern and southern principalities. His then-current park, Talon Field, was given the option of joining either, as they wished. He campaigned heavily to choose neither, and instead act as a pivot point between the two, both in politics and role play. His proposal was ultimately defeated, but it whet his appetite for politics. Life got in the way, and he faded from the game...until he moved to Ohio...

Where he found chaos. Putting the wizard aside, and taking up a more aggressive persona (as well as an authentic Japanese long bow), a samurai, Chiba decided he would devote his efforts to bringing peace to a fractured land. His battles have not always been won, but above all things he holds pride in the friendship and unity now found between the various groups in Ohio. They stand united, where before there was only strife. His job done there, and the Midwest no longer being a safe place for a queer anarchist, he ran off to Seattle...

Affiliated Groups

  • Hojo Clan - Chiba is the founding member of the Hojo Clan, and Daimyô thereof.
  • Amt7 - Chiba's put his 2 cents in with most of the Amt7 books, and was the primary author and editor of the Book of Engoku.
  • Mystic Falcons - Part of the mass-exodus of the defunct Dragon Houndz, Chiba helped form the splinter group.
  • Death Dealers - An original member, and proud tweeker of Kiss of Death.
  • Irken Empire - organized the use of 'fusion technology' to create Juicy Juice, thus earning him a permanent posting on the planet Vort, home of the universe's most comfiest couch.
  • AmtCard Project - Webmaster and Creative Director.
  • Zodiac - One of three founders.

Belted Family

Squired to Lord Sir Warbird, Knight of the Flame. He is Liege to PaA Something Soon.

Notable Accomplishments


  • Named and help run Tempest I, the first inter-park event in the troubled lands of Ohio.
  • Ran Tempest II, during which he opened public discussion of Ohio Amtgard's desire for a future kingdom.
  • Ran the first four of the annual event War of Engoku, a 24-hr role play event.
  • Ran and established the annual Origins convention demo in Columbus, OH.
  • Runs and established the annual ECCC convention demo in Seattle, WA.
  • Runs the Northern Lights Best of the Best annual A&S bracketed competition.
  • Autocrat SKBC '22
  • Awarded his masterhood in the order of the Smith.
  • Awarded his masterhood in the order of the Dragon.
  • Awarded his masterhood in the order of the Rose.


  • Lord
  • Baronet
  • Count - Has chosen to use the Japanese version, Sho Nii. Awarded RW Coronation, March 27 by departing King Varas
  • Muncher of Belly Button Lint
  • Master Archer - awarded RW Coronation, Nov 09 by King Varas
  • Paragon Barbarian - awarded NLCC, Mar 23 by Matriarch Gwen



  • Founded the first Japanese household to stretch from one coast to the other.
  • Wrote/edited the Book of Engoku.
  • Helped found the Pricipality of Midgard, giving a rousing speech before the circle of monarchs assuring them that the point of the effort, and ultimately any effort in Amtgard, is fun.
  • Created the new design for the AmtCards and AmtCard Project website in mid 2008.
  • Won the Rising Winds 'Best of the Best' competition (RW Spring Coronation, 2009) with a belt with an 'Avenged Sevenfold' theme. Ripper, the recipient of the belt, kisses the award each time he sees it on Chiba's mantle.

Additional Images

Seen here with Belkev and his broken Sword at Battle Cry 3. That was one hell of a spot-on back block ;)
The last tournament he was can see why lol In full regalia...they really shouldn't have stabbed him in the chest, it didn't work out for them ;)

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