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Duchess Squire Quynn Fyresong Traveler of many kingdoms

"Your [her] mastery of sarcasm is impressive." ~Glorious
"You [she] made the jump to "that's a tough bitch" ~Sparhawk

Rakis 2010 photo by: Talen


Quynn started playing back in March of 2007 in the Rising Winds. She is a stick jock. You can usually find her on the big fish end of the ditch field, silver-mining at most IK events, such as Rakis, Spring War and World Banner Wars. Former member of Ferrum Crux. In mid 2008 Quynn also picked up Dagorhir fighting. In October of 2008, she became Squired to Shogun Jynx Mercades. As of May 2009 Quynn moved to find her place in the Celestial Kingdom. On April 18, 2010 She was taken on as a semen, or initiate to the company of the Nighthawks by Monkey (her sponsor). Dropped her belt to Jynx Mercades on May 1, 2010. She returned to Indiana after attending Clan 2010, heralded as one of the most traveled players in the RW she continues to be an advocate of womens fighting, in and out of her kingdom. Spring of 2011, she went to visit Goldenvale for Great Eastern. She's a gypsy soul, and just sorta stayed. In 2013, Quynn became Khaleesi Quynn of Goldenvale, winning the office of Monarch from 3/2013-9/2013. All in all Quynn is a kickass girl.
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Group Affiliations

Belted Line

Former Man-at-Arms and Squire to Shogun Jynx Mercades but returned the belt in May 2010. Also previously held a Squire's belt from both Syr Sanchez and Sir Goliath. Accepted a Squire's belt from Sir Ausric in December of 2013, but left the family in September of 2017.

Notable Achievements

Additional Images

Fighting Tugen in the May 2008 weaponmaster
fighting short/downspear at WeaponMaster May 2008
Quynn hanging with Calidor, Dargoth and Sponge
Quynn at Rakis 2010


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