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A fighting tourney

What's a Weaponmaster?

A Weaponmaster can be two things; it is either the title of "Weaponmaster" as is given to the individual who places first in the warskill events at the Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster event, Or it is the name of the tourney itself.

An example of the paperwork given to a weaponmaster. This one is from the kingdom of Blackspire.

About the tourney

Weaponmaster is one of two tourneys held in a six month period, or reign. In most kingdoms it is one of the tourneys that you can win to help qualify you for your sword belt. It is almost always a very difficult thing to do, and there are very few who have ever held the honor.

Running a weaponmaster tourney in most kingdoms falls to either the Champion or the Guildmaster of Reeves. For instance in the Celestial Kingdom it is the GMR's job, and in the Wetlands it is the Champion's. Many styles of weapons are used for weaponmaster. In many Kingdoms it is outlined in the Corpora which weapon styles must be used. In others it is the resposibility of the person running the event to decide which styles to use.

About the title

In some kingdoms, it is the duty of the Weaponmaster to assist the Champion in all duties. If the Champion is ever unable to fulfill the duties of their office, the Weaponmaster assumes full responsibility in their stead. In most kingdoms the Champion's duties would be filled by the next officer in the Order of Succession as outlined in the BL Corpora.

A set of Dragonmaster and Weaponmaster scrolls handmade by Squire Silverleaf Nar'thoniel, or Tal Dagore
Title Holders

List of Amtgarders that hold the title Weaponmaster.

A Sample of weaponmaster events

From the Wetlands Champion Sir Margul

Weaponmaster will be held in Darkmoor at Wuthering Heights Park in Beaumont on Sunday, June 10th. Sign-in is from 10:00am -11:30am, and the tournament will start at 12:00 noon. There are 8 events, and each match will be judged by best 2 out of 3 (yes, that means you'll be fighting each opponent more than once).


  • 1. Single Short Sword
  • 2. Longsword and Dagger
  • 3. Short Sword and Medium Shield
  • 4. Great Sword
  • CLARIFICATION* For a weapon to be used in the Great Sword category, it should be a Great weapon between 5' and 6' in length that follows the proportional specifications that define a Reach weapon (at least two-thirds strike legal, no more than one-third handle and pommel).
  • 5. Short Sword and Madu
  • 6. Dagger and Throwing Dagger
  • 7. Florentine Short Swords
  • 8. Open Weapon and (up to) 4 points of Armor
  • CLARIFICATION* You may use a polearm in this event. Polearms are considered weapons, and any weapon may be used in the Open Weapon category. If you absolutely refuse to fight in any event that does not allow the use of a polearm, then you are advised by the Crown to only enter the Open Weapon category, during which you will be allowed to use a polearm. In case there is any ambiguity, it is the final and irrevocable decision of the Champion that polearms will be allowed in this event. As a word of advice, those persons entering the tournament who are skilled in the use of polearms may want to sign up for the Open Weapon and (up to) 4 points of Armor event; upon doing so, you may want to consider using a polearm in said event, because you will be allowed to use a polearm in this event. There are no extra permissions required to use a polearm in this event, as all combatants are fully permitted - nay, encouraged - to use a polearm in this event.

Combatants are urged to bring their own weapons -- none will be provided.