Drake Bloodblade

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Count Sir Drake Bloodblade, of Shrouding Mist in the Kingdom of the Northern Lights



"Making garb is one thing, making it with a passion for what you do, THAT makes it profound"

  • Started Amtgard in 1998 in the Barony of Stormhaven in Spokane, WA
  • Began Amtgard fighting and enjoying all the aspects of the game. He began his garbing career in Amtgard shortly after becoming a full member to StormHaven. Since that time, he has worked to create better and more elaborate garb, in an attempt to help better outfit those in his lands and in Amtgard as a whole.
  • His passion for the game, its mechanics, and its variety of A&S, fun, and excitement has never left him in all the time hes been honored with the right to play Amtgard

Drake currently resides at Inland Ocean in Redmond, Washington, where he continues to work on creating color on the field, improvement of the A&S, and teaching any who wish to learn the skills he has.

Currently, he has four Squires, Skull, Gwenhwvar, Dee Metria, & Canary

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Belted Family

Formerly Squired to Sir Trelath Mourningwood - "The Pimp Squire"

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