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Gwenhwvar Ni Gaeilge, of Inland Ocean,Northern Lights



I met this guy at work and found out the he played Amtgard. I wanted to know what it was and upon finding out I was hooked. Thank you Sir Darva!! I joined Solstice in May of 2004. When Bitter Coast was formed I moved to join this new group and when I moved to Pennsylvania in 2006 I joined Eagle Valley. Goldenvale was an amazing kingdom to be apart of and I had opportunities to travel that gained me some of the most invaluable friendships. I was the one that wouldn't hesitate to go get Dunkin Donuts for everyone to recover with at Fury of the Northlands and didn't bat an eye when asked if I was going to an event big or small. Then like with most people my mundane life got in the way. After returning from Baghdad in the spring of 2007 and one memorable Great Eastern I decided to take a break from the game and concentrate on the mundane. Five years later I have returned cause frankly everywhere I moved to I was running into amtgarders. I took it from the cosmos that I should be involved with this game again. I love helping out where ever I can; whether it be at gate or in the kitchen or just sitting down working with fiber crafts, I have found my home. Northern Lights has welcomed me with open arms and its awesome. The future hold lots of awesome events and park days with many new memories to be made and tons of new friends to make those memories with.

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Death Dealers (Master Drunk)

Cloudwalkers (Dena)

Belted Family

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