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Toa Zhen, of Inland Ocean within the Kingdom of Northern Lights,

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”I'm all for more hitting, but in that case, it was too much kicking of a dead horse; tedious." - Marquesa Ailanthus Finvarra, of Wyvern's Spur, Dragonspine.


Toa started his amtgard career in the Shire of Gypsy Hollow (now Barony)almost two years ago. After almost a year of fighting with his friends he joined the fighting company The Templar's. Since then hes moved onto a new land Inland Ocean has attended One SM camp out, Two Pacwars, One Winter bash

Flurb Bio

My name is Toa Zhen, I am a monk from the temple Song Shan, deep in the Song Mountain.
My master Shie Di told me one day while i was meditating that I have learned all i can from him and that it was my time to expand my training so I left... Intent on finding the training that my master spoke of.
While in my travels i came across a group of fighter's shouting "God Wills It" they were wearing all white with a red cross when i saw them i had to know who they were. My search led me to a man they call Sir Christian Kendric, I talked with Sir Christian for a long while, learning from him then one day he said join us and now to this day he is still teaching me and I call him my Master.

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Champion of IO Feb. 2011-Aug. 2011


Master Healer

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