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Jabberwiccy Malachi Esotaria, of the Shire of Mystic Springs, the Celestial Kingdom

”At least you aren't on fire.”
"Oh...*looking at paddle* I've got camp foam...we'll make this legal!!!"
"Short swords...for when daggers just aren't long enough!" -Serge


Jabberwiccy, or J. for short, was brought to the field by the inimitable Luna Starbright, and hasn't really left since.

Currently working on becoming proficient in the following things:
1. General Monkishness
2. Actually hitting things he swings at
3. Learning how to block in a manner that does not resemble a drowning cat
4. Remembering that all-important sash, so as not to have to ever again wear a chair bag instead.
5. Thinking up new types of battlegames
6. Possibly stalking Brendan Fraiser

Affiliated Groups

Kitsunes of Amtgard -- Kit (Initiate)
Club Cthulhu

Belted Family

Paged to Sir Grendel-CK.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Real life boyfriend of Luna Starbright. If you've met the two of them, you realize this is indeed an accomplishment for him. ;)
  • First Order of the Rose Award - King Crinos of the CK Mid-Reign 2008

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