Larkspur of Chaos

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Squire Larkspur of Chaos of Mystic Springs, Celestial Kingdom


Larkspur, formerly Anastasia Katherina ap Pebyr ap Cucorin of Turris Lunae, began playing the game while a teenager, and was seen in the company of many notables to our game. She currently is attempting to bring back the unbridled joy that was her prior Amtgard experience, while learning the new rules and structure.

She has made the Mystic Springs park her new Amtgard home. She is now a Saracen Initiate for the newest tribe, Foxy's Raiders. She is also the garber for this group, along with Cheiftess Squire Foxfire. She loves to spend time with friends, old and new, at events and park. She can be found murmuring the Heal spell under her breath, morning, noon and night, trying to memorize it and improve her speed.

Affiliated Groups

  • House of Laughing Fox - Pebyr's household, before the Church. We specialized in foot massages and bardic belly dancing.
  • Saracen Initiate - Foxy's Raiders

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Med-Crat for Spring War XVI - March, 2009

Tids and Bits

  • Original persona claimed Pebyr ap Cucorin as dad!
  • First-time Women's Tourney entrant at Spring War XVI (She won 4 fights total)

More Information

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