Timotheus Barbane

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Timotheus Barbane, Man at Arms to Squire Skull

”...This is the song that never ends...”


Timotheus Barbane began playing Amtgard Sunday, June 14th, 2009 at The Hollow. Since then he has become a most respected and feared Bard on the battlefield. Or was that laughable and endeared? Either way, he is a sixth level Bard who can't sing, and isn't pretty when he dances. He all but makes up for his short-comings with an amazing show of charisma, however, both on and off the field. Simply put, he isn't so great at the game, but we love him anyway.

Political Career

On April 10, 2011 this player was recognized as Baron of Gypsy Hollow.

The Hubba Hubba Healer
Timotheus Barbane
Barony The Hollow
Principality Northern Lights
Kingdom Blackspire
Year Started 2009
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Affiliated Groups

Dragons of the Rune (Member)

Belted Family

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