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Squire Dorgan Blackfist, of Falcon Tor, Tal Dagore

Dorgan Blackfist


Dorgan started playing in 07 at Falcon Tor. He has been with tor since day 2. You can often find him teaching combat skills to new players. If asked, He considers himself a decent fighter but in no way one of the best. However, his understanding of the science behind Amtgard combat allows him to be considered one of the best for teaching the basics of combat and theory. When asked about his love for teaching he said. "I just want to give players the tools they need to succeed. As with any sport. There is a correct way and or method to doing it. I just feel that those methods should be open sourced."

You can also find him behind the grill at large events namely the flame knight grill at keep on the borderlands each year.

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