Damian "Dogboy" Coradren

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Sir Damian "Dogboy" Coradren, of Inland Ocean, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Northern Lights

Damian "Dogboy" Coradren
Chapter Inland Ocean
Kingdom Northern Lights
Started 1997
Noble Title Count
Belted Status Sword Knight
Company Hybris Legion

”Knowing is not enough, we must apply... Willing is not enough, we must do." ~Bruce Lee

AirDoggy.jpg DoggyNew.jpg

“Kill a man, and you are a murderer... Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror... Kill everyone, and you are a god.” ~Jean Rostand


He started playing at the age of sixteen in 1997 when he first ran across a bunch of people hitting each other @ a place called Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA. Since he had enjoyed hitting his friends for as long as he could remember, the activity in front of him naturally needed further investigation... And here we are today many years later and Damian, now known as "Dogboy", has become a well known and respected member of his Kingdom Northern Lights and Amtgard as a whole.

He was first Man at Arms to Squire, now Sir, Kezgar in 1997. Dogboy was belted under Kezgar for 4+ years, before Kezgar moved out of state, and he still held his belt years after. Eventually, wanting to be belted under someone who was around, playing the game in his area and unfortunately not having much contact with Kezgar anymore, he was squired to a local Sword Knight named Sir Duncan in 2002, a belt which was dropped around a year later for reasons unknown. In 2003 he accepted a Man at Arms belt to his long time friend Warlord Sir, at the time Squire, Sho Obsidyn, one of the most lethal sticks in the game, holding that belt until September 2008 when he was bestowed his Knighthood of the Sword.

He first pledged the Golden Lions while still belted under Kezgar, a petition for more than 3 years, finally getting into the company @ Clan in 2000. Staying with the Lions for many years, he left them in early 2004 for what felt to be a better fit for him, the Green Dragons. The Green Dragons were (and many still are) his family, they are some of his closest friends in the game, but with all the distance and infrequency of contact, he chose to hand in his belt and leave the GD's for a more local option to him(2006). In 2006 he petitioned and joined the Pacific North West local fighting company, Alliance, a company started by Sir Maurice (The Force from the North). Alliance was a dominating force in the region, and when traveling, for over a decade before the majority of the members ended up going inactive due to mundane life taking precedence. Holding onto his Alliance colors for several years after the company was inactive, he eventually gave in and retired his membership.

Walked with giants and lived in the day that the Kingdom of Northern Lights was born...

Affiliated Groups

Alliance Company (RETIRED)

Hybris Legion
Position Praetorian
Membership Praetorian # IV
Sponsoring Smurfet - XVII



Belted Family

Formerly Man at Arms to Warlord Sir Sho Obsidyn, who was squired to Sir Stefan del Sala


Upon his knighting he asked Cyric, his long time friend, to be his squire...

Notable Accomplishments

Dogboy has been an active member of Amtgard in the North West since 1997 when he started the game, while traveling to national events such as SKBC, Clan, Rakis, & Spring War as often as possible. In that time he has held the office of champion for his local land Inland Ocean numerous times as well as the position of Champion and Prince of the North West Principality the Northern Lights. He worked as an integral part of staging and development in preparing Northern Lights to become a Kingdom and was the Monarch at the time the Northern Lights was elevated to Kingdom Status @ Clan in 2012. For this, his Kingdom bestowed onto him the title of 'Ambassador of the Kingdom of Northern Lights'.

  • SKBC Instructor - Seattle, WA - May 2015
  • SKBC Instructor - Salt Lake City, UT - Apr 2014
  • SKBC Instructor - Troy, MO - Apr 2013
  • SKBC Instructor - Boston, MA - Apr 2011
  • SKBC Instructor - King City, CA - Feb 2010
  • SKBC Instructor - Colombus, OH - May 2009

100th Sword Knight created through the history of Amtgard
2nd Sword Knight produced by the Kingdom of BlackSpire

Games Created:

  • Creator of the Cortona Gladiatorial Games, a fund raiser style game where participants can choose to player the role of Gladiator to be purchased(Gladiators get to do all the foam fighting for this game), or Ludus Owner(Non-Combatant role) who purchases Gladiators for money donated to the Kingdom.
  • Creator of the Borealis Flex, an ongoing fighting league within the Kingdom of the Northern Lights meant to promote the foam fighting aspect of Amtgard, travel among the lands, comradery among the fighting community, and a fun hunter/killer style game.




Additional Images

DoggyShoCyric.jpg | DogBoy-Clan.jpg | DoggyKnightBuffet.jpg

(Left) Seen here with Sir, at the time Squire, Sho Obsydian, his former and always belted family; and Sir, at the time Squire, Cyric his brother from another family ~~ (center) Dogboy @ Clan '05 ~~ (Right) Getting punched by Sir Galrog

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