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Barony of Inland Ocean, within the Kingdom of Northern Lights, in Redmond Washington

Inland Ocean


Members of Inland Ocean feature some of the Kingdoms top Fighters, Artisians, Leaders, and Battlegamers. This land prides itself of its inclusivity, and can be an easy park for both new players, and veterans to enjoy.



Active Members of IO - ORK

Current Events

Date Event Details / Links
1/8/22 Craft Day @ Park / Regular Games -
1/15/22 Kingdom Warband Tournament
1/22/22 Battle Gaming Class - Class Skills and Game Design, Blade of the East Blade of the East is a Single Elim Open tournament that happens at the end of the day
2/5/22 Ambiance A&S Competition -
2/12/22 Phoenix League or Jugging Day -
2/19/22 A&S Showcase/Warskill Tournament/ Blade of the East Example
3/12/22 Elections/Spring Market/Blade of the East Example
3/26/22 Coronation -

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This chapter Meets every Saturday (12pm-4pm) afternoon at Marymoor Park, at 6046 West Lake Sammamish Parkway Northeast, Redmond, WA.

Directions: From I-5 or I-405, take State Route 520 east to the West Lake Sammamish Parkway exit. At the bottom of the ramp, go right (southbound) on W. Lake Sammamish Parkway NE. The park entrance is the next left at the traffic light.

Players usually meet at the picnic shelters near parking lot D.


This is one of the oldest lands to exist in Washington state, dating back to 1996. The name Inland Ocean is an allusion to the Puget Sound, a body of water which functions like an ocean, but is partially surrounded by land.

In 1996, Tamisan D'Verdemire and Calidran Lightbane founded the Inland Ocean. With the help of Padraig McMannan, the first triumvirate of the Inland Ocean was formed in 1997. Initially, Inland Ocean was under Tamisan's home kingdom, Dragonspine.

"This park has had a pretty rich history just like every land I have seen across the country.... I could tell stories of love, hate, political intrigue, suspense, betrayal, epic battles, major victories and miserable defeats... murder (well maybe not murder)..... You'll laugh, you'll cry.... You'll find it sounds like the story of many other amtgard lands... ;-)

We have a pretty young group at our park right now.... a strong majority of our membership is between the ages of 14 and 20.... We have between 20 and 40 people out on a consistant basis (stronger in the summer time, less in the cold wet winter, but we hardcores still show up year round) The veterans that we have around this park spend our time, showing the younger members the ins and outs of all aspects of Amtgard... IO is a land that enjoys just swinging stick, but we have good A & S competitions, scenario battle games and formal court.

We have seen many people come through our land in the many years I have been here.... some have wandered on.... many stay to play, and new are always showing up to check out the mayhem."-Dogboy

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