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Lord Squire Turtle, of Inland Ocean within the Kingdom of Northern Lights

”Oh my god! The plate is so soft!!”



He joined Amtgard in 2004 and has been hooked ever since. He was brought into Amtgard by Garrin.In early 2008 he was sworn into the Templars as an initiate where he remains to this day. In mid 2008 he was given the title of lord while simulaneously being belted as Man at Arms under Sir Damian. He belted his own MaA, Hrothgar during Thousand Stars 2009 who still serves him today. Pac war 2010 he moved up in ranks to Brother in the Templars. The following year at Pac War 2011 he was given the belt of squire as well as moving up from brother to master Templar.

Affiliated Groups

Templars - (Master Templar of House Kendric)

Belted Family

Squire to Sir Dogboy

Notable Accomplishments

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