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Squire Odin, of Silver Moon within the Kingdom of Black Spire

Chapter Silver Moon
Kingdom Black Spire
Started ???
Noble Title Master Healer
Belted Status Squire
Company Hybris Legion

"In war there is no prize for the runner-up." -General Omar Bradley

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"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall" -Confucius


Odin first came across Amtgard when he was thirteen years old going to Marymoore park in Redmond, WA to check out this game his friend found out about online. From the first time he swung a sword he was pulled in seeing this as another sport that he could excel in with enough practice. Four years later he continued to play and decided to become an initiate with the Templar fighting company because he enjoyed being around them and loved to fight with them even more. About a year and a half of being an initiate he was made a full brother during PacWar of 2010 securing his spot in his new fighting company. Just after the new year in 2011 he decided that after playing for nearly six years he was ready to learn from someone more skilled on a more personal basis. He talked to the well known Sword Knight Sir Dogboy who he has known his entire Amtgard career, about becoming his Man at Arms in hopes of gaining more knowledge and skill from one of the best fighters in the Northwest. He was very pleased and excited when Sir Dogboy extended a MaA belt to him and immediately accepted. To this day he continues to work on his fighting always looking ahead, training with his new knight, and fighting by his brothers in arms the Templars.

Affiliated Groups

Hybris Legion
Position Praetorian
Membership Praetorian #IX

Belted Family

Squire to Sir Dogboy

Notable Accomplishments

Master Healer Given by the Northern Lights March 5, 2010

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