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House Rosewood was originally a Drow household created solely for roleplay purposes in the Valley of the Silver Rains in 1996. An idea for a roleplay campout was born, and from that evolved the current Rosewood Memorial - a four day, three night full roleplay event full of everything that makes Amtgard the game we love to play. We try to put the "R" back in LARP.

Rosewood Memorial is now in its thirteenth year. We are sanctioned by the Kingdom of Northern Lights. This year, we explore Grimm's Faerie Tales!

We will be at the Swiss Sportsman Club in Bonney Lake, Washington from 29 May - 1 June 2014. Cost is $25 pre-paid by 1 October, $30 pre-paid by 18 May, or $35 at gate. Day trip is $15 per person 14 and up (or battlefield approved), and $12 for those 5-14. Children under 5 are free. This includes at least 3 meals in an indoor hall. We have tent camping, with flush toilets and free hot showers. RV hookups are available for an additional $15 per day.

People from all over the Amtworld are welcome to attend (some years we get contingents from SCA, Belegarth, Pirate Events, etc. participating that then join Amtgard as well). We will arrange for shuttle service for those coming in to the airport, if needed.

Come to Rosewood dual class, or play low level monsters or alternate classes in combination with standard classes! We have quests, class battles, event-specific relics, and coinage to assist in roleplay. There are several roleplay prizes available, as well as a Best Costume Competition.

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We have multiple Tournaments, Archery, Jugging, NL Summer Dragonmaster, Best-Dressed Table Competition, and 2 Drinking Competitions! Prizes are available for almost every scheduled event. We have dedicated lit ditch fields, as well as skulking in the dark. There's something for everyone at Rosewood…

If you would like to volunteer at this event, we still have openings on each team for security, gate, med response, cleanup, setup, and feast servers. We seek groups to donate meals. Bids for Saturday Feast-o-crat (Northern Lights Summer Midreign Feast) open 1 January 2014. Please check our website if you wish to place a bid or donate a meal.

Spaces in merchants' row will be available at no charge this year, reservable until 26 May. Any spaces remaining will be on a first come, first served basis. No sales of alcoholic beverages for mundane currency permitted, whether you have a license or not. Bake sales and sales of packaged foods are acceptable. N Merchant and mercenary advertising is available on our website.

Pre-pays may be made to the following people: Syr Darrian, Squire Dezmon, Sir Vaune (IK), Runesilver (DFV), Sir Jack Darkmoon (SMist), and Squire Theron (SH/DC). If you are coming from outside one of these areas, feel free to contact us. Paypal will also be available soon.

You may find detailed information regarding the entire event at:

Join us for discussions regarding Rosewood at:

Anyone with questions regarding Rosewood (or wishing to volunteer) please contact us at [email protected]