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Sir Warlord Cyric of Inland Ocean within the Kingdom of the Northern Lights

Sir Cyric.JPG
Chapter Inland Ocean
Kingdom Northern Lights
Started 1997
Noble Title Count
Belted Status Sword Knight
Contact Information
E-Mail [email protected]

Cleaner, Better, Faster.



Started Amtgard in late 1997 in Inland Ocean. Has traveled all over Washington and Oregon playing amtgard, and has also made several trips to SKBC, Rakkis and Banner Wars.

In 2002 was granted his Green Dragons belt, but ended up parting ways a few years later for various reasons including distance and infrequency of contact. Was granted his Alliance shield in 2008.

Affiliated Groups


Member of House Boulderize!

Belted Family

Formerly squired to Sir Derek Roth

Notable Accomplishments

3rd Sword Knight produced by the Kingdom of BlackSpire

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