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Lord Squire Jacob Wolfert, Brother to the Templars in Inland Ocean within the Kingdom of Northern Lights

Jacob Wolfert
Chapter Inland Ocean
Kingdom Northern Lights
Started April 30th, 2011
Noble Title Lord
Belted Status Squire
Contact Information


He joined Amtgard in May 2011 and has been active ever sense both at his home Inland Ocean, and travelling to Gypsy Hollow and other lands within the Northern Lights Kingdom (formerly part of BlackSpire). He was led to Amtgard by his dog Dude on an opportunistic walk, shown the ropes by Bryn and Bridgt.

In his early days Jacob was nothing more than a simple hunter. More comfortable with a knife and a bow than making his way around a sword and shield. The call of Inland Ocean was strong and the need for battle ready warriors always prevalent so he developed quickly, growing from a simple man of the forest to a trained fighter that has stepped up to defend his fellow Inland Oceaner's and those that he now calls friend.

Not long after arriving he stepped into the role of Prime Minister of Inland Ocean a role he continued to serve in until December 2012. In August 2012, at the great Pac War, he was initiated into the Templars and is currently the Junior Initiate, a role he takes great pride in, until he passes it along to the next Junior Initiate. On that very evening, he was called before Prince (King Pro-tem) Dogboy and deeply honored by receiving the title Lord, with all requisite benefits...except the ability to avoid clean-up duty at Templar camp.

In April 2013, while traveling at a high rate of speed on a twisty road on the way to SKBC 2013 he was offered the opportunity to become MaA to Sir Dogboy...or walk the rest of the way to SKBC. In July 2015 he received his Squire's belt from Sir Dogboy.

Junior Initiate Lord Squire Jacob Wolfert is continuing to enjoy his time in Amtgard as he progresses on his journey. The opportunities to share and learn with his fellow Templars and his Knightly Family continue to shape his life in and out of the game. To the many adventures yet to come, he stands ready with his brothers-in-arms.

Affiliated Groups

Templars - Joined August 25th, 2012 @ Pac War 2012 NL & BS Coronation

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments


  • Lord - Awarded August 25th, 2012 @ Pac War 2012 NL & BS Coronation - Awarded by King Dogboy


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More Information

  • Personal Website: none
  • Company Website: Templars

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