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Shieldmaiden Ro of Inland Ocean, Northern Lights


First began fighting in The Hollow early spring of 2010. Ro was taught basic forms by Sir Downfall on her first visit. Later she found Inland Ocean was closer to home, so she has faithfully been fighting there since winter of 2010.

Affiliated Groups

Hybris Legion - Praetorian, originally sponsored by Odin
MonkeyToccata - The Funky Toccata

Belted Family

Hybris Legion
Membership Praetorian # XVI

Shieldmaiden to Squire Odin

Notable Accomplishments

  • Received Andalsa's Lament during the 2021 Winter reign
  • Recieved Oakenshield, 2022 Summer Reign
  • Recieved Book of Grudges, 2022 summer Reign
  • Former member of Black Company
  • Former member of The Templars
  • Morrigan Tournament 1st place Winter 2022
  • Morrigan Tournament 1st place (tied with Lady Heron) Summer 2022

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