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Sir Dustin Darkenmane, of the Golden Plains and Emerald Hills

”Feel no pain, but my life ain't easy-- I know I'm my best friend. No one cares, but I'm so much stronger-- I'll fight until the end. To escape from the true false world-- undamaged destiny! Can't get caught in the endless circle-- Ring of stupidity.”

--Metallica, "Escape"

(Dustin with family: Dustin is on the right end, next to Reinholt in the middle. The woman to Reinholt's immediate left is their mother, Merrilee.)


Sir Dustin was a member and former Monarch of the Golden Plains. He was Reinholt's kid brother in mundane life, and the two were legendary for working out their sibling issues on the battlefield-- sometimes for hours at a time-- provided that Reinholt could catch Dustin first!!! At the coronation of Queen Alessandra Cheetarah Nightowl of the Emerald Hills, Dustin swiped the banner of a rival fighting company in the name of the Corsairs by climbing a tree and crawling out on a limb where he could reach it without being observed. At the same event, he was one of a group of Corsairs who made a kamikaze charge at Aramithris after the latter casually strolled onto the battlefield, alone, wearing garb parodying the Corsair tabard-- truly a great and funny Amtgard moment. Dustin was also a survivor of the Great Massacre of 1989-- the only minor member of Amtgard ticketed in that incident. Dustin passed away in 1995, and will be sorely missed by those who knew him well. His unwavering good nature, sense of humor, and utter fearlessness enriched our lives in ways that we're still coming to understand today. The Freehold of Five Banners in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was founded partly in Dustin's memory.

Affiliated Groups

A proud member of the Corsairs.

Belted Family

Forest Evergreen was squired to Dustin.

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