Crimson Wood

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Amtgard Chapter
Crimson Wood
Kingdom Westmarch
Status Duchy
City Rohnert Park
Park Eagle Park
Meets on 11AM on Saturdays
Founded 2002
Active Active


A Duchy in the Kingdom of Westmarch, located in Rohnert Park, CA.


Crimson Wood was founded in 2002 by a consortium of Amtgard devotees, including, among others, Keluric Tryst, Gwendair Tryst, Torbjorn, Cedric Humm, and Grix. The land grew to a Barony under the supervision of the kingdom of the Burning Lands, but has since joined Westmarch in September of 2007. At that time, the land also left BL for Dragonspine, in accordance of the protocols set forth by said kingdom for the principality's creation, and was also promoted to Duchy.

Since then that principality has grown to become the Kingdom of Westmarch.

General Information

The Duchy of Crimson Wood is fortunate to have the use of a fairly well-tended municipal park for its field days. (It does, however, get rather muddy in some parts in even faintly damp weather--dress accordingly.) Activities generally begin with ditching and then move to a wide variety of battlegames, ranging from jugging to treeball to capture-the-flag, and of course generally including at least one full-class battle. For the more energetic (and thus generally younger) citizens, the day often ends with chaos-res/kill-your-killer games or even occasionally Calvinball.

Crimson Wood features a wide age range of remarkably enthusiastic citizens and a healthy band of helpful, invaluable Color-class participants. It also is home to one of the largest attendee populations in the area.

Crimson Wood also hosted the first three Feast of Mars events, but that event has been relocated to more southerly climes in recent years.

Old picture of Crimson Wood

Courtesy of Rabbit

Current Monarchy

Previous Monarchy

Officers Monarch Regent Champion Prime Minister GM Reeves Heir Apparent
Summer 2022 Sir Drenth Lady Woman at Arms Penthesilea Darkholme Dagger Baronet Baernoir the Virtuous Vacant Vacant

Calendar of Events

Winter Reign 2018


A & S Nights are currently at location TBD. This post will be edited to reflect any changes in schedule throughout the reign.

Frequent Denizens

Outlanders: Sporadic Visitors & Homegrown Travelers


Field days at Crimson Wood generally begin at 11AM (give or take a hour) on Saturdays, at Eagle Park in the E-section of Rohnert Park, located south of Santa Rosa in lovely Sonoma County, California.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="38.356616" lon="-122.69071" zoom="14"> 38.356378, -122.690524 </googlemap>

To get there, take the 101 Fwy. to the Rohnert Park Expressway exit and head east. After passing several traffic lights, one will come across Country Club Dr., upon which one should make a left turn. Several streets later, Eleanor Ave. will be encountered at a 4-way stop; turn right. Then turn left upon Emily Ave., and park your mode of transportation, because the park will be immediately visible and accessible.

Fighter practices occur every Thursday from 6pm until it gets dark. Check the discord/FB page for more details.

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