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A Duchy of the Kingdom of Westmarch, located at Marina Bay Park in Richmond, CA

Amtgard Chapter
Wyvern's Spur

The Kingdom of Westmarch

Status Duchy
City Richmond, California
Park Marina Bay Park
Meets on Sundays 12PM
Founded 2001
Active Active

Wyverns spur rainy.jpg


Land of the Wyvern's Spur was established in April of 2001. The original group that laid claim over the Berkeley Marina was known as the Land of the Burning Gnomes. When the veterans that first made up the older land left it to the next generation, it was renamed to Wyvern's Spur. The founders of Wyvern's Spur were known as Tevacious, Aldin, Nivek and Sodar. At one point, it was a chapter under the Kingdom of Blackspire, and it is one of the founding lands of the Northern California Confederacy, which later became the Kingdom of Westmarch.

The story of a tumultuous, and very silly, time known as the War and Conquest of the Sublands can be found here.

In July 2011, due to a low attendance (2-4 a week) Wyvern's Spur moved from Cesar Chavez Park to Codornices Park. Soon after, with 100% of the vote (of the two active members), Wyvern's Spur also self-demoted itself from Barony to Shire. It took a few years, but in March 2016, with the help of an amazing Barony Bid by Endol, the Kingdom of Westmarch voted Wyvern's Spur back to Barony - aside from one abstention, 100% in favor of promotion. #WyvernsSpurForBarony!

Post Covid, Wyvern's Spur leaped up to great numbers again, and in January 2023 was promoted to Duchy, assisted by a Duchy Bid with letters from many people - but mostly intimidation from the squirrel overlords. Huzzah!

Summer of 2023 we moved from the beautiful Codornices park in Berkeley to Marina Bay Park in Richmond, chasing soft grass, parking, and space large enough for our growing park.

Wyvern's spur.gif

(Our old heraldry)


For some time, many years back, there were issues filling our monarchy positions; a running gag that we were using squirrels started. It's now rumored that squirrels are the real power behind Wyvern's Spur; people are figureheads.

The Unicorn Clan! As King, Sir Deimos ran a quest line based on the Legend of the Five Rings, Wyvern's Spur was assigned the Unicorn Clan. However, unicorns have been well known to frequent Wyvern's Spur, dating back to Grix's frequent visits and brief inhabitancy of the land.


The Denizens of Wyvern's Spur

Current Monarchy


  • Monarch - Dagger
  • Regent - Delu Maethor
  • PM - Jamie of Wildwood
  • Champion - Dratz
  • GMR - Feste(s)

Houses and Fighting Companies


After being at Codornices Park in Berkeley since 2011 we have moved to Marina Bay Park in Richmond. From 580, take the Marina Bay / 23rd ave exit, and head south (towards water) along Marina Bay. After the underpass for the railroad, take the second right, then the first left for the parking lot. We are usually near a picnic bench along the path closer to the water.

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