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Baronetess Dagny, of Crimson Wood, Kingdom of Westmarch

”Ooh! SHINY!”


Dagny arrived in Crimson Wood in the late spring of 2013. Despite actively LARPing not a stone's throw away from the park for AGES, it took 10 years to get her out to play. Now she's Druid-ing it up, and probably volunteering for more than she should. Dagny can only talk about herself in the 3rd person for so long, and hasn't come up with a flurby bio yet. Please forgive her, she'll bake cookies.

Affiliated Groups

None - YET.

Notable Accomplishments

Started her reign as Regent of Crimson Wood on her 1 year anniversary of joining Amtgard.

Flurby Rumours!

Dagny is a vampire in disguise, and can't be trusted with power.
Dagny's greatest wish in life is to run away with the squirrels of Crimson Wood.
Dagny means "New Day" in old Norse, but that has nothing to do with her name.