Ashen Grove

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Ashen Grove

A Shire of Westmarch, located in Murrieta, California

Amtgard Chapter
Ashen Grove.jpg
Ashen Grove
Kingdom WM-Heraldry-new.png
Murrieta, CA
Copper Canyon Park
Meets on
Sundays at 1pm
January 2020


Founded in 2020 by Squire Baron Scorch Flamedancer, Baron Sir Fuzzy McFistaCuffs and many others who do not have an Amtwiki currently. Riverside County was in desperate need of some whacks, and this band of misfits thought to provide this service.

Part of Westmarch's Southern Lands (along with Bremen's Fortress, Valley of the Fallen, and Siar Geata), as of April 2020.

"This is just for fun, you simple fucking nerds."
-Ashen Grove Motto

Ashen Grove had the unfortunate luck of being founded in January of 2020. Once the pandemic hit, they held on to the spirit of Amtgard by holding quest days weekly over Discord in a D&D-style format.

Making liberal use of the monster manual, a D6 system, and heavy roleplay, they have stayed together despite the world seeming to crumble around them. But once the county became safe to gather in person, they came out in full force. Even with local fire warnings, 105 degree heat, or sickness running rampant, they still meet for D&D quest days online, or for A&S when fighting isn’t an option.

They are small, but mighty. They frequently visit their immediate neighbors to the south, Siar Geata, and every single raid day you will see at least those repping black, gray, and the dead tree of the grove.

The newest (as of 2022) event to come to California, Once Upon a Time, was originated and staffed largely by members of Ashen Grove.

Ashen Grove is part of the Grand Duchy of Dragonvale.


Current Officers

Contacts and Directions

Email: TBA

Ashen Grove meets for Regular Park days every Sunday's at 1:00 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Copper Canyon Park in Murrieta. (23790 Via Alisol, Murrieta, California 92562)

Check out the Facebook group Facebook logo.jpg or Facebook page Facebook logo.jpg to see about upcoming events.

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