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Lord Stone of Crimson Wood, Westmarch/Dragonspine

"Killing me will only make things worse!"


(Taken on the day he was given Masterhood Barbarian.)


Early Days


(Stone is the young man in black with the staff.)

Stone joined Crimson Wood shortly after it's founding, as a member of a cadre of Sonoma State Students, Lead by D'Arque and Andrew Campell. This gathering of students formed a fledgling fighting company called the Brotherhood of Metal. This grouping went the way of many fighting company starting out, it fell apart quickly after it began.

A Summer in Georgia

When his parents moved to Atlanta, Stone followed for a summer, making friends with Sir Squeak and the shire there. It was in this time he began to learn to use a greatsword.

Juna, and the Sonoma Boys

A member of Stone's class, named Mara, was talked into coming to Amtgard, under the name Juna. It was during this time that she would spend more time with Stone, that he began to question the relationship he found himself in.

At this time, Wyvern's Spur in Berkley, CA, had three members who were making themselves known. Bridget, a mother of two girls, Aeryka, and Rosemary. Stone and Juna would make weekly trips down to see them, making a close friendship with the mother and daughters. Over time, the bonding of these trips, Stone began dating Juna.

Living With Blackthorn

During the latter years of college, Stone held various positions within Crimson Wood, living with Sir Blackthorn as a tenant. During this time, Stone learned the basic principles of leather working, as well as began to learn more advanced sewing techniques. Leading to his first signature tunic. And the inclusion of the "Cape" and color scheme he still wears to this day. It was also the first tunic he had made that wasn't black. He referred to it as his first "Real" tunic.


The Three-Year Absence

As College became more difficult towards his graduation time, Stone put Amtgard aside more and more. Sadly, he was Baron at the time. Having already moved out of living with Blackthorn, and a manager at the local Target, Stone simply stopped going.

The Return

Almost exactly three years after he had left, Stone returned to a Crimson Wood much different, and yet, Much the same. Three years apart had taught Stone many more costuming and building techniques. During this time he also married Juna.

The Tribe of the Wild Blood


Together with his old friend Baernoir and his newer fellow barbarian Drenth, the three of them founded the Tribe of the Wild Blood. A household based on the barbarian lifestyle. Drinking and eating being part of the monthly house meetings.

The Crimson Marauder


Some time after his return, Stone came across Colin the Red and Sir Euric at the Sacramento land, Thor's Refuge. Euric offered Stone a place amongst his fighting company. Humbled and flattered, he accepted, becoming one of the newest members of the company, wearing the tabard with pride.

Weaponry and Fighting

During his early months, Stone used a 7' Staff that he claimed had over four inches of open-cell foam at the tips. As can be expected from somebody starting out, with a staff, Stone lost many fights in those days.

Stone currently possesses a third level order of the Warrior. He enjoys a great variety of weaponry, however his single-sword, and flourentine style holds it's foundation to teachings from TB, Grix, and Sir Blackthorn.

While Stone seems resistant to learning contemporary shield-fighting, this might be as his shield designs are always odd, and often less then ideal. The shield design he is more known for is taken from the shields of the Urak-ai, from Lord of the Rings. The notch in the front has proven effective for it's design a handful of times.

With the excuse of his barbarian persona, he employs axes at times.

The weapon he is best known for, however, is a slim, light, flatblade greatsword. Designed off of the Anime, Berserk. Though he is a fan of the weapon class, he is quick to dissuade it as a starting weapon, citing how he "Lost every fight for six months before he began to learn how to fight with it effectively."

He has a habit of carrying multiple weapons at any time, including the greatsword on a harness at his back, with a quiver hanging from his belt.


Having Maxed out his Barbarian credits some time ago, Stone began playing Monk, as a way to join up better with his companion Juna.

Oddly enough, while playing a Monk, Stone began to find his Barbaric roots all the more, particularly in terms of volume.

Since his return, Stone has made little mention of any interest in playing Monk again.

Sample of Barbarian screaming

Recently, Stone was given the great honor of [Master] [Barbarian], suggested by the Monarchy of [Crimson Wood], but presented bu then Prince [Deimos].

Stone achieved 6th level in Druid and Monk,

But also plays what he calls, "Bardbarian" Bard with no spells and all weapons and shield.

Affiliated Groups

Stone is currently the head (Chieftain) of the Tribe of the Wild Blood.

Belted Family

Former Man At Arms To Baronet Collin the Red

Lord to Norm

Notable Accomplishments

After learning much in the way of costuming from living with Lord Sir Blackthorne, Stone began to be known as a quintessential example of the Barbarian Class. To this extent, he appears twice on Lord Sir Blackthorns Amtgard video. Blackthorne's Video

Stone received this title at the hand of Baron Squire Niveus, by the authority of Westmarch Prince Sir Euric, at Winter Coronation, Crimson Wood, December 2011.

More Information

  • Stone and Juna do a webcomic


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