Skyfire Bay

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Skyfire Bay, Westmarch

A Chapter of Westmarch, located in Hilo, Hawaii


Skyfire Bay


Founded March 31st 2012 By Falconis Lumines Fidelis and Tinka.

Restarted on March 10th 2023, a group effort by all members

Mystic of Skyfire Bay

Moodius no Kokugen







Temporary reign until elections are situated as of June 5th. 2023

Monarch- Mystic

Prime Minister- Mutiny

Regent - Moodius

Champion - Ghost

Contacts and Directions

The chapter meets at 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Saturdays at Liliuokalani Gardens, Found on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Field A: Across the street from hilo bay cafe, on the corner. (Often held here unless further notice)

Field B: Right across field A, The Rock stone Field in Liliuokalani Gardens

Field C: Next to King Kamehameha statue, Wailoa River State park (emergency park)

Contact us: Skyfire bay Facebook Group [email protected] (try other contacts first)

Make sure to check which park we are attending for the day.

Additional Information

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