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Sirrah ElSpeth Sharrisselva, of Crimson Wood, Westmarch



Affiliated Groups

ElSpeth is a member of the Amazons household. During the mid-90's, she was a member in the fighting company, Bushi No Guri out of Pegasus Valley. She is also married to Sir Blackthorne. Congratulations! Realworld mother of Syntaury and Cynoe. Disciple of Tameric

Belted Family

ElSpeth has had at least two Squires join the peerage, GoldCrest and Katala. Kaesha Nikovana was also Elspeth's squire at some point, but was squired to Brock Argenta at the time of her knighting. Before being knighted Elspeth was squire to Sir Alaeric. Her current squires are Teliel Ap'Tiefi of Pegasus Valley, Lila von Weiss of Pegasus Valley; she also has two who are no longer active, Califa Gypsy Dove of Dragonspine and Lady Gabriella of (now defunct) Valley of the Crimson Sun. Lady Maggie MacGregor of Pegasus Valley was ElSpeth's squire for two years. She has three active squires, Dagny, Jace Darkholme and Drenth. She has two pages, Tarmak Silverblade of Pegasus Valley and Lady Sanrio of Crimson Wood who is no longer active.

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