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The Grand Duchy of Dragonvale

Grand Duchy
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Region Covered Southern California
Founded 2023
Founding Parks:

Siar Geata || Ashen Grove Bremen's Fortress || Quixotic Valley || Valley of the Fallen

The Grand Duchy of Dragonvale, located in the state of California under the Kingdom of Westmarch.


For years, southern California lands have been working towards their own form of independence, being as far from the rest of the Kingdom as they are. The Crystalline Confederacy was an attempt that ultimately failed. In 2003 their shires of Nazzeroc and Strathclyde merged to form Siar Geata, the only remnant that remains of the Confederacy.

In 2014, Siar Geata, Terra De Votum, and Sun's Haven gave it a shot, together creating the event Crossroads to see if there was a future together. Ultimately, it was decided that a four-hour drive between all of them was too much, and this attempt dissolved as well. Though not before Crossroads II: Arabians Nights in 2015 managed to reach 150 individual sign-ins, creating the second-most successful event in California at the time.

By 2016, three new lands had taken root in SoCal, Valley of the Fallen, Bremen's Fortress, and Sunfire Valley. They met constantly along with Siar Geata for Midreign, Crown Quals, Coronation, along with monthly raid days. They did their best to try and help cultivate another park, Booty Bay, that never ultimately came to fruition. Due to real life getting in the way, Sunfire Valley unfortunately went defunct, and the major players in driving the hopeful principality forward had moved or committed themselves to real-life obligations, leaving this attempt a failure as well. Though even still, Valley of the Fallen and Bremen's Fortress made an effort to keep visiting one another.

Post-pandemic, the five lands of Siar Geata, Bremen's Fortress, Valley of the Fallen, Quixotic Valley, and Ashen Grove survived and came together. In the Spring of 2022, raids, joint Midreign, Crown Quals, and Coronation continued, the hosting land different each time. Friendships and comradery grew, determination stoked, and so discussion and elimination voting began to decide what they would call themselves.

That November, Queen Ailanthus suggested rather than Principality, Westmarch could create a new designation not yet seen in the Kingdom, Grand Duchy. After deliberation and careful consideration, the Corpora amendment was written, submitted to an Althing, and passed by a wide margin. During this time, the name had finally been decided.


Today, January 2023 the vote for officially becoming a Grand Duchy is on the Westmarch Althing, and the prospects of it passing are promising. While this vote occurs, among themselves those that would have Dragonvale be the banner they fight beneath are holding their own internal election for their first monarchy and will have the fanfare of their Coronation be held and SoCal's first event since 2015, Once Upon a Time in Corona, CA.

Siar Geata hosted a Westmarch Zombie Invasion day event that had overwhelming numbers of 78 sign-ins, only 6 of those sign-ins from Westmarch proper.

There is chatter of a new Freehold being formed in the Orange County area, and they would join the Grand Duchy at first opportunity.

There's a lot of hope, astounding progress, and a long road ahead. But together, SoCal will finally achieve what it's been searching for over the last decade, a place to call home.


These are the groups that make up the Grand Duchy of Dragonvale

Dragonvale Active Lands

  1. Duchy of Siar Geata - Oceanside, CA (Founded in August 2005)
  2. Shire of Valley of the Fallen (Now called Ethereal Hollow as of Spring 2024) - Placentia, CA (Founded in November 2015)
  3. Shire of Ashen Grove - Murrieta, CA (Founded in February 2020)
  4. Shire of Quixotic Valley - Tehachapi, California (Founded in November 2021)

Dragonvale Defunct Lands

  1. Shire of Bremen's Fortress - Fullerton, CA (Founded in May 2015, Defunct November 2023)

Petitioning Parks

Current Dragonvale Monarchy

Reign V May 2024 - November 2024

  • Monarch: Chicken
  • Regent: Walrus
  • Prime Minister: Rose Thorn (March 2024 - August 2024)
  • Champion: Crixus
  • Guild Master of Reeves: Barnabus


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Grand Duchy of Dragonvale: Ashen Grove · Ethereal Hollow · Quixotic Valley · Siar Geata