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Lord Man-at-Arms Miles Ookami of Crimson Wood, Westmarch

"I gotta say, you look really good in blue." --Dragon Fire
"This is Bag Hat Man, my Man-at-arms." --Morrza, introducing him and his fateful belt pouch to someone else
"When you get older, bring home a nice boy, like Miles! See those boys over there? Don't bring home someone like them." --Eve, to Vincenza, at a fateful La Jolla fighter practice, in re: Doogan and Gonzo


WARNING: Subject is extremely verbose. Proceed with caution, and possibly a thesaurus.

Personal Information

Miles began his Amtgard journey in Crimson Wood on the day of the Fall Crown Quals Weaponmaster tournament of 2006--some think that his earning his first Order of the Warrior that very day made it impossible for him to not come back. After a brief love affair with the Monk class, having fallen prey to the somewhat fallacious idea that Monks are immune to everything after a few levels, he was appointed "Court Bard" by Baroness Elspeth and spent the next two years or so working Bard up to sixth level. But, having attained his sixth level in Bard just in time for Voice to be nerfed by the introduction of the 7.5 version of the Amtgard Rules, Miles has been working on leveling up in Healer now that Monster is out of the way.

His inexplicable long-time loathing of short swords has caused him to be seen on the field with all manner of other weaponry, ranging from double-daggers to quarterstaves to his beloved (by him only, it seems) flail; an early attempt at making a sai produced the (not of legal specification) "Battelabra," which remained enshrined in his folks' garage for many years as a monument to First Weapon Syndrome. That being said, emboldened by words of encouragement by evil Randy that he had the perfect build for a swordsman, he has been seen wielding sword and board relatively more often since.
He also has a penchant for sashes and other strip-like pieces of cloth, which is evident in the custom garb graciously crafted for him by the talented Elspeth, in addition to the remarkably multi-purpose black sash he generally wears on the field at nearly all times. He is apparently easily recognizable by his lanky frame and stubbornly resistant-to-styling hair.

Miles is an ardent flurb and was termed the "yin to the yang" of Arthur MacGregor by Artor himself. The two share a heritage of migrating to Siar Geata from different lands (Arthur reportedly spent time in the Empire of the Iron Mountains) and then relocating again elsewhere, making this perhaps a truer statement than anticipated. Still, in any single-short duel, Arthur remains easily capable of defeating his flurby counterpart quite soundly.

Miles spent four years in San Diego (mostly) for skool, where he attended the land of Siar Geata in between class demands, and helped (in however minimal a capacity) to elevate it to Barony status. He was also instrumental in founding the Shire of Sunset Cliffs--see below.
While in these southerly climes, he unwittingly picked up an association with Unicorns--particularly those featured in episodes of Robot Chicken. This has even gone so far as to be included in the renowned Magic: The Gathering cards Milan of Amber crafted in the Summer '08 Crown Qual A&S Tourney, which featured an image straight from the show. Rather than defy this nonsensical association, he has embraced it with garb (see below) and a shield to boot.

Since finishing his work at UCSD and becoming a doctor (of pharmacy), as well as a stint in the Inland Empire where he dabbled with Nico about the idea of reviving LA Amtgard, Miles has returned to Crimson Wood and again enjoyed the native flurbiness of his favorite Duchy. Despite breaking his wrist while using his beloved flail a few years back, he continues to use the dang thing, when work actually lets him attend field days for longer than a part of his lunch break. Water Hammer keeps trying to get him to do something important, like an office or something, in the meantime.

Character Biography

Ask to see it (why make this page any longer than it is already?). He'll probably whip a fresh one up just for you!


Miles was styled "The Just" by Baronial Champion Will Northam for his role in Will's ongoing quest scenario for the land; to wit, he attempted to get to the bottom of the mindless battle perpetuated in true Machiavellian fashion by Will's NPC Troglodyte, rather than fomenting the conflict. He earned his first Order of the Warrior on his first day of attendance by making it to the final match in the Great weapons section of the Crown Quals Weaponmaster tournament while wielding a polearm graciously loaned to him by Niveus, displaying from the very start his affinity for non-Short weaponry. (The second would not be earned for 9 more years, after winning another Great weapons bracket, again at Crimson Wood.)
Miles was granted Lordship for long-time service to and accomplishments within Amtgard at Crimson Wood's Winter Coronation, 2011, by Baron Niveus, becoming "Lord Bros" with Stone in the process. He's still working on what to do with it.

Other Accomplishments

During the summer '08 Siar Geata Weaponmaster tournament for Crown Qualifications, Miles inexplicably placed third overall, proving that the odds of the odd are odd indeed.
Miles also helped found Sunset Cliffs with Dourn in San Diego as a splinter from Siar Geata designed to help increase Amtgard exposure in the more southerly reaches of San Diego County. This did entail a fair number of fighter practices at UC San Diego, "official" field days at a tiny park that no one knew about, and eventually being part of its shift to the much-more-overt site near Morley Field, where it remained for some time.
He is also the creator of the Robe of a Thousand Flurbs.

Miles most "gracefully" accepted awards at the Escondido Renaissance Faire with his arm macraméd to his leg via the sashes on his own garb--by which we mean he nearly faceplanted as he attempted to stand up. He would like to add that this was entirely because of his busy-fingered squire, and that she found it intensely amusing.

One of his offhand suggestions (of which there are far too many, and which are usually far too long) tipped the balance of power on the CAAmtgard forums and resulted in the creation of SG Chaos, which later became the Paper Street Soap Company--which you do not talk about. He was appointed Minister of Verbose therein by Big Brother--or at least, that's the concise version of the title. You're welcome to see the full version in the sig tag created for the office.

Miles was a member of the Bard Rewrite Project on e-Sam that helped revise the role of Bard for v8.0.


Belted Family

Miles is a Man-at-Arms to Morrzania Felbin Lacqueri squired to Dame Emer Rustytongue who was squire to Dame Weilok, who was squire to Sir Greywalker, who was squire to Viscountess Dame Andralaine, who was squire to Sir Deth, who was squire to Grand Duke Sir Gilos Dawnhope, who was squire to Grand Duchess Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon.


Miles is a member of the Dreamweavers, and evidently the last active member of the Wandering Unicorns. Miles was appointed a member of the Crimson Wood Privateers during Mid-Reign of March 2007, and has been a Commoner member of Order of the Elements since 2007, primarily for historico-nostalgic reasons. Miles is also a dedicated "Hammer-friend" to the Hammer Clan.
Since the Wandering Unicorns are sort of a Schrodinger's company, he's debating what to make of them. Could they take on some Phoenix traits, in the end?

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