Asmund Heimdale Haroldsson

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One of the Four Founding Members of Amtgard March 1983
Current Home Park Landless
Status Inactive
Noble Titles Grand Duke, Baron
Knighthoods Sword, Crown, Flame
Kingdom Burning Lands
Mundane Name Dylan Anderson, MD

Grand Duke Sir Asmund Heimdale Haroldsson, Defender of the Lands that Burn


Amtgard is a dream, a dream to be shared, a dream to be lived. Dream with me friend.

Amtgard is a land of the soul where we can dare to be ourselves. We can set aside the masks we face the mundane with and look upon each other anew. This rare place of the soul is fragile and needs vigilant guardians. We are the dreamers, we are the gatekeepers of this kingdom. Our weapon is imagination, our shield – friendship.

"You can always get better, there are always those who can defeat you…and every one can teach you. Your self should always be your best and worst opponent."-M'deth

Heimdale2.jpeg July 27, 2013, Gathering of Clans, 30th Year


One of the original Amtgard members who holds a number of distinctions from the early history of Amtgard.

His first appearance (March 13th, 1983), was at the Desert Fort Seige battle with Nashomi the SilverWolf.

Heimdale the Ha'valli was the second member of the Wandering Unicorns his skill with a Sword and Flail was unsurpassed.

Co-Founder of the Kingdom of the Burning Lands (Tawnee, Nashomi, Heimdale, Gilos)

1st Amtgard Board of Directors (Heimdale, Gilos, Nashomi, M'Deth, Tawnee)

The third and sixth King of the Burning Lands by Right of Arms.

Knighted 4/28/84, King Gilos Dawnhope

Re-Knighted 5/4/85, King Nashomi the SilverWolf 1st Ten Orders of the Lion.Tawnee on Lions and Warriors

Order of the Lightbulb given to the twelve founding members of Amtgard by Sir Nevron at Clan X

HeimdaleNashobi.jpg Sir Heimdale (left) and Sir Nashomi (right) at the 30th Gathering of the Crowns.

Affiliated Groups


Captain of The Wandering Unicorns -- Founding Member

Heimdale, Nashomi, Eric, Deth, Unknown Quest for the Ring of Power at Hueco Tanks (84)

We are the 4th company/household in Amtgard. Of the first 6 Monarchies, 3 were Unicorns. Of the first 4 Knights through combat skill, 3 were Unicorns. The first Prime Minister, and Grand Duke of Amtgard were all Unicorns. Of the 4 responsible for creating the Burning Lands, two were Unicorns. We were present at Clan I.

Allied Starquesting Dragons

Extended Belted Family

I.Deth the Direhearted (7/14/84) Sword/Flame

II. Dame Andralaine of Stonehelven (10/20/84) Flame

Sir Deth The Dire Hearted (7/14/84)

Notable Accomplishments

Heimdale The Ha'valli was the third and sixth King of the Burning Lands by Right of Arms and hence all of Amtgard.


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