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A yellow paw print on a green field: a common heraldry for Scouts

Scout is a core class that utilizes both archery skills and wilderness lore.

From the Rulebook

Anyone who survives for any time in the wilds learns the lay of the land. Many Native Americans are rightly seen as good trackers or scouts, as were the mountain men who followed.


Strider, Hiawatha, George Washington, Little John, Lieutenant-General The Right Honourable The Baron Baden-Powell, Robin Hood, Paul Bunyan


Garb: Green sash and medieval/sword and sorcery looking garb
Look The Part: Heal 1/Life (ex)
Armor: 3pts
Shields: Small
Weapons: Dagger, Short, Long, Heavy Thrown

Class Abilities

Abilites By Level
Level Abilities
1st Tracking 2/Life Charge x3 (ex) (Ambulant)

Cancel - Unlimited (m)
May use a bow so long as a shield is not wielded.

2nd Heal 1/Life (ex)

Release 1/Life Charge x3 (ex)

3rd Shadow Step 1/Life (ex)

Dispel Magic 1/Refresh Charge x5 (ex)

4th Evolution (T)
5th Hold Person 1/Life (m)
6th Adaptive Protection (self-only) 1/Life (ex)


T: Verbal S: Sorcery R: 20ft
I: “Tracking” x3
E: Target Insubstantial player immediately has their Insubstantial effect ended.


T: Neutral S: Neutral R: Touch
I: “My work shall be undone” x3
E: Remove an Enchantment cast by the caster.


T: Verbal S: Spirit R: Touch
I: “Sword Cut, spear stab, mace smash, arrow jab,
Let the white light of healing descend on thee.
Let the white light of healing stop thy spilling blood.
Let the white light of healing mend thy bones.
Let the white light of healing close thy wounds.
Let the white light of healing restore thy vigor.
The white light of healing hath healed thee.”
E: Heal a Wound.


T: Verbal S: Sorcery R: Touch
I: “From thy bindings thou art released” x5
E: A single ongoing effect or State is removed from the target. Casters choice.
L: Cannot remove Cursed.

Shadow Step

T: Verbal S: Sorcery R: Self
I: “I Step Into the Shadows” x1
E: Player becomes Insubstantial.
N: Caster may end this Insubstantial state at any time by using the exit incantation for Insubstantial.

Dispel Magic

T: Verbal S: Sorcery R: 20’
I: “By my power I dispel that magic” x3
E: All Enchantments on target are removed.
N: Will always remove enchantments if successfully cast on a valid target, regardless of the player’s Traits, States, Immunities, Ongoing Effects, or Enchantments (except Sleight of Mind).


T: Granted as Trait S: Sorcery R: Self
E: May wear an additional Enchantment.
Evolution does not count towards the bearer’s Enchantment limit.
N: This ability does work in conjunction with Attuned, Essence Graft, or Phoenix Tears so long as the other limitations of those Enchantments are followed.

Hold Person

T: Verbal S: Command R: 20’
I: “I command thee to stop” x3
E: Target player becomes Stopped for 30 seconds.

Adaptive Protection

T: Enchantment S: Protection R: Self
I: “I enchant thee with this protection” x3
M: White strip
E: Bearer becomes Immune to one of the following Schools: Death, Flame, Subdual, Command, Sorcery. School is chosen at the time of casting.

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