High Principality

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High Principality agreement between the Borderlands and the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills.

The Duchy of the Borderlands, having completed the required terms of the Corpora of Amtgard, do hereby request of the Kingdom of Emerald Hills, the right to bear the title of High Principality.

Under the terms that follow we (the Borderlands) ask for the following terms. + That the territorial titile (Principality) be given to the Borderlands on the First day of December 1995. + That this agreement be Grandfathered from this date (July 23rd 1995) in order to prevent any future disagreement as to the rights and abilities of the High Principality of the Borderlands. Should this territorial title be included in any future Corpora of an existing Kingdom, or the Board of Directors of Amtgard:Kingdom of the Burning Lands, Inc. we shall maintain the rights granted us by the Kindgom of the Emerald Hills and The Amtgard B.O.D. regardless of any external changes to the Corpora. + We request the following changes be Adopted, as per our agreement, and that they be permanent and binding. With no possiblility of future change to this agreement by any future ruler of the Emerald Hills or The Amtgard B.O.D. Note: This agreement may be amended or changed only by a 2/3 majority vote of eligible dues paid members of the Borderlands (Waco, TX).

  1. . Ruler has the title of Prince/Princess
  2. . Could receive the title of Count/Countess upon completion of term.
  3. . May award the titles of Count/Countess, Viscount/Vicountess, Marquis/Marquise, Baron/Baroness, Baronet, Lord/Lady, Defender, Warlord.
  4. . May award all awards with no restriction as to the number that may be given, except those that apply per the award.
  5. . May award all masterhoods in both service Guilds and Fighting Guilds, as well as Masterhood for the Orders.
  6. . May not award Knighthoods, but may perform the ceremony with written approval of the Monarch of the Emerald Hills
  7. . May forward candidates for Knighthood directly to the Monarch of the Emerald Hills without having to go through the Knights Guild of the Emerald Hills.
  8. . May establish a Knights Guild for candidate selection.
  9. . Regent/Consort could receive the title of Marquis/Marquise at the end of their term.
  10. . May award the appropriate awards for that position with no restrictions.
  11. . Prime Minister could receive the title of Baron/Baroness at the end of their term.
  12. . Champion could receive the title of Defender at the end of their term.
  13. . Knight of the Crown will only be awarded to individuals who have served in Kingdom level offices. As members of the Kingdom of Emerald Hills all members of the Borderlands have the opportunity to run for all Kingdom level positions. However, at the discretion of the Monarch, this Order of Knighthood may be awarded for extended service at the Principality level for dedicated, and exemplary service as Prince/Princess, Regent or Prime Minister.
  14. . Shall not have a vote outside of the Emerald Hills on political issues.
  15. . We acknowledge the Monarch of the Emerald Hills as our rightful ruler and will assist him/her in any manner that best serves the realm.
  16. . Will not engage in any political activities outside the realm, without approval of the Emerald Hills.

The above terms will be added to the existing Corpora of the Emerald Hills and submitted to you at the earliest opportunity.

Signatures: From the Borderlands

Grand Duke Sir Asmund Heimdale Haroldsson,

Lady Lorac Three Feathers,

Lady Sleet Gil’Shalos

From the Emerald Hills Sir Cabal,

Selka Shadowcat

Witnessed by Grand Duke Sir Aramithris of Meadowlake