Crinos of Darkenthal

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Duke Sir Crinos of Darkenthal, of Nocturnis II


Crinos started playing in Mordengaard in late 1990. He was the first Master Owl of the Wetlands, and their first Serpent knight. Later he was honored with a flame belt for his service to the Burning Lands. In 2009 He became a knight in the order of the Crown, in the Celestial Kingdom. Passed to the Summerlands October 31, 2020

Some Fairly Well Known Facts:

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

"I was knighted serpent in the Wetlands sometime in the fall of 1997 by Sable. My flame belt was awarded by Raphael, king of the Burning Lands, at Clan (July) 2003. And my crown belt was awarded May 2009 by Esuom in the CK."


  • Several time Duke of Mordengaard (also has been Regent, Chancellor and GMR)
  • GMR of the Wetlands
  • Founding monarch of Nocturnis.
  • 36th Monarch of the Celestial Kingdom.
  • 38th Regent of the Celestial Kingdom.

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