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Way Dancer
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Sir Flynn Lyton Telemon

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Here he is seen fighting. Picture dated back to when GP was still a barony.


Flynn entered into Amtgard as a member of the fledgling Barony of the Golden Plains in December of 1988. He was the first Scribe of the Chapter, and then served as Vizier for a full year. He was also the Plains' first (and only) Reeve for the first few months of its existence, and served as its first Guildmaster of Reeves-- a position he held for several terms during the Plains' early years. During the Plains' first Qualifications as a Barony, Flynn convinced Reinholt to require all participants to take the Reeves' test, which tripled the number of Reeves in the chapter and facilitated more complex battlegames than the chapter had previously been able to administer. In an age before the Internet and e-Mail, Flynn worked tirelessly to promote the Golden Plans and keep it connected with other Amtgard realms, sending snail-mail and newsletters to other lands increase awareness and raise the profile of the Plains-- maintaining close contact with the Burning Lands, the Emerald Hills and Barad-Duin. Flynn was quiet, and never sought attention for his accomplishments, but when he spoke as a leader it was with an air of authority. Probably more than any other early Golden Plains person, Flynn held the chapter together internally and promoted it externally, giving the chapter momentum towards eventual Kingdom status, and shaping it into what it would later become.

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Wardancers

Belted Family

Flynn has at least four squires that have joined the peerage: Crinos of Darkenthal, Euric, Katzu, Zoe Basp. He is the start of his belt line, having never been squired under anyone.

Notable Accomplishments

He was the first native Plainsman to gain the titles of Lord, Baron and Knight over his first two and a half years of service to the club. He is the start of a belt line, having never been a page or a squire.

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