Duck Swords

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From The Stick Jock's Dictionary - Duck Sword: Rand introduced the Duck Class Clan Sword in the spring of 1996, with the intention that they be used as a general side arm for members of the Chosen. The Duck Sword design is based on the legendary Sword of Power. Rand has kept many of the secrets of their construction to himself though he is known to have shared that information with both Clalibus of Henceforth and Crinos. Dubious legality alone does not make a weapon a Duck Sword.

Physically, Duck Swords are all three feet or less in length, and most of them have some sort of duck design on the cover (most commonly mallards on a green background). They are heavy but well-balanced weapons that are exceptionally resistant to damage. Their rigid design also has the desirable side effect of calling attention to even the lightest of shots. It said that with proper placement and force they are capable of dealing with all but the most recalcitrant of cheaters. Unlike most Clan Swords they have an alarming tendency to pass all but the most thorough weapon's inspections.

The name Duck Sword comes from an unfortunate comparison between their creator and the character Mousse from the anime series “Ranma ½.” After enduring the nickname of “duck boy” for roughly a week, Rand warned the other Chosen that there would be consequences if they persisted. Shortly thereafter he created the first Duck Sword, and common use of the nickname stopped almost immediately.

There is NO such thing as "duck swords". They do not exist.

However ducks are fearsome warrior creatures, that devour their victims whole.