Roger's Raiders

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The Roger's Raiders, a battle company founded in the Wetlands, has members in the Celestial Kingdom,Emerald Hills, Iron Mountains , Polaris and Rising Winds. Easily identified in yellow and blue.

Best known for their amazing feasts, specifically their "Raider Ribs." The Raiders are bound by a single creed "Honor, Family, Loyalty, and Service." These are the truths that we hold self-evident and govern our day to day actions.


Captained by one of the three Master Chefs in Amtgard, Sir Crom Ironwolf.

'Members' (as listed on their web site)

Sir Hutch Squire Violet

Boarding Party

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  • Myth: "Roger" was the name of an original member's dog.
  • Fact: The "Roger's Raiders" name came from the symbol. The original symbol of the Roger's Raiders was the Jolly Roger with crossed sabers. They are Roger's Raiders because they were the "honorable land pirates."

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