Sword of Power

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From The Stick Jock’s Dictionary - The Sword of Power: Is a weapon of singular distinction, made for Crimson of Roger’s Raiders by Crinos of Mordenguard. Its construction was rushed, and due to time constraints Crinos was forced to use whatever materials he had at hand. As a result the sword turned out a good deal harder than his other blades. This did not concern Crinos overly much at the time, because Crimson was not known to swing very hard. He did however warn him that under no circumstances should the sword be given to Rand who at the time regularly visited Mordengard and was known to break 404 kitespar with alarming frequency. Needless to say the sword eventually ended up in his hands anyway.

Rand found the sword to be perfectly balance and nigh indestructible. It was used with great distinction through out most of his early career. It was the first and greatest of what would later be called Duck Swords. Given its special significance, it has only been wielded by the most righteous of individuals. Other users include Asylus Cotta, and Argus both of whom are also Chosen. The sword was eventually gifted to Lief of the Iron Mountains, on the occasion of his 21st birthday. At the time Lief lived in the Emerald Hills and had difficulty getting the native to take shots from ultra light weapons. Shortly there after Lief no longer had problems with people calling his shots. Some gifts are truly priceless. Currently the Sword of Power resides side by side with many other historic blades of yore, one of the dreidle sticks, the Nevron Stick, a Ming class duck sword, the Dagger of Moderte Legality, the sword that broke Farlo's leg, and others. It is buried in a treasure horde of ancient blades curated by Clalibus